First of all don't waste your time and just do the following:

1- install Anaconda

2- install Pycharm




For easy install and use of python and libraries install Anaconda.

I struggled to install Python for several days and many other packages and it wasn't successful because I hadn't installed the service pack 1 update for Windows 7.

To install Anaconda go to the following website:

Installing Packages:
after you downloaded and installed Anaconda, to update all the packages, open the windows command prompt and type:

conda update conda
conda update anaconda
conda update --all

After updating the size of anaconda folder was over 5.5 Gigabytes and I ran the following codes to clean it:

coda clean --tarballs
conda clean --packages


I got error when first I used

conda install -c conda-forge tweepy 

Then I downloaded referring to this site

And then I ran these codes:

git clone
cd tweepy
python install

Then I used the pip install tweepy and I still had problem. Finally I used the first command again !!

R packages
Though not at useful as R itself and a little difficult to implement, but for special cases you can use them.

conda install rpy2
conda install scikit-learn

A package to work with MS Excel

conda install openpyxl

pip install lxml
pip install html5lib
pip install BeautifulSoup4

install ipyparallel

 visit this link for tips, tricks, and shortcuts.